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Miller Good Law, Ltd.

Typically, our firm received an executed real estate contract from our client, which begins our representation. Client’s should expect to receive an introductory phone call and email from our office. Attorney Miller then reviews the contract, to ensure that each individual requirement of our client is set forth accurately. One should anticipate letters to be drafted on behalf of the client and sent to the opposing attorneys’ office. Our clients are kept well-informed on each step of the real estate transaction. We welcome our clients to call and email our firm with any potential questions.

One facet of representation includes the attorney review and modification/ home inspection provisions of the real estate contract. We counsel our clients and draft letters regarding the optimum manner to respond to proposed changes to the contract and the best way to respond/ request home inspection issues. Additionally, we draft specific, individualized language on behalf of our clients to ensure that any home repair obligations are properly tended.

At the closing, our attorneys make certain to vigorously protect and defend our client’s rights and interests. As an example, our firm warrants to our sellers that any and all usual and customary closing costs are provided at competitive rates. We also warrant that each and every lien against title, mortgages, and appropriate tax credits are calculated according to the contract.

Another example involves our home buyers. Our firm makes certain guarantees to each and every client, that all liens and taxes are in fact satisfied, and that clear and remarkable title is conveyed to our buyer. Each and every mortgage document and seller documents, are reviewed line by line with our clients. All seller, lender, and title company closing figures are examined so as to guarantee that all financial obligations are precisely calculated. Any and all post- closing issues such as possession and tax escrows are timely resolved as part of our full service client representation agreement.

Our firm offers a free consultation, which facilitates the attorney client relationship. Our attorney fees are quoted in the initial consultation, and are paid to our firm at the closing table.

Why Choose Our Firm

Unlike general practitioners, our firm is not trying to juggle a host of characters and issues, such as divorce, criminal and civil litigation, and the odd, once a year real estate transaction. Our focus and full attention is spent solely on real estate matters and closing transactions exactly like yours.


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