Cynthia Miller, Attorney At Law

Cynthia Miller graduated from Lewis and Clark School of Law, located in Portland, Oregon. She established her law practice in 1992. Miller Good Law is dedicated to representing clients in the purchasing and selling of residential real estate. Since the inception, Cynthia Miller has more than successfully closed tens of thousands of real estate transactions for devoted and loyal clients.

Unlike general practitioners, Attorney Miller does not juggle hosts of characters and issues, such as divorce and criminal litigation. Her focus and full attention is spent primarily on residential real estate matters and closing transactions exactly like yours. Call Miller Good Law today to schedule your appointment.

About Our Firm

Attorney Cynthia Miller established her law practice in 1992. The firm is primarily dedicated to representing clients in the purchase and sale of real estate. Since our inception, our firm has closed well over 10,000 real estate transactions for our loyal clients, whom we are also devoted.

With our extraordinary level of expertise and knowledge, our firm is able to offer legal counsel, support, and advice to our clients at a time when they are undertaking typically, once of the momentous financial decision of their lives. Our firm provides outstanding care and guidance to our clients during the process and after the transaction closes. We believe top notch customer service is tantamount in ensuring that our clients are fully prepared and informed throughout the real estate transactions.

Our firm offers a free consultation, which facilitates the attorney client relationship. Our attorney feed are quoted in the initial consultation, and are paid to our firm at the closing table.

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